Attention Airtel Postpaid users… What is the new scam by Airtel?

Airtel became ultra smart and they came up with new mathematical standards. Just check the bill for yourself

Did you notice the odd? I have configured 15 packs for calling, each pack comes with 85 minutes of local and STD. So allowed quota should be 1275 minutes (15 * 85), simple math right? But as per Airtel’s computation I get only 723 minutes. How awesome is that.

I had to fight with Airtel for three days to explain this silly computation error. First three guys I spoke with simply said they can’t fix the computation errors, so they are escalating the issue to higher officials. It was promised that it will be fixed in 48 hours and extra bill amount will be reversed. But nothing happened in reality. On my final attempt, I took printout of the bill before calling the customer care. With the bill and pencil in my hand I had to explain the computation issue to Airtel customer care person pointing out exact words and numbers in the bill. After 10 minutes of explanation he understood the issue and came up with the same reply that he cannot fix and he has to escalate to his higher officials. But this time I asked him to transfer the call to higher officials so that I can talk to them directly. When the call transferred to his higher authority, once again I started teaching math. She came up with excuses like it is pro rated computation, these computation cannot be wrong. So I asked her the formula they used to get 15*85=723, she didn’t have answer for that. This went on for another 10–15 minutes and finally she agreed to reverse the extra amount charged as usage over pack.

For all those people Airtel postpay users, please pay attention to your bill details.