Here are some tricks which every one should know while online shopping on e.g Amazon or flipkart …etc!

I saved Rs. 10000 from these few simple tricks. Although amazon is well secured website, but still they have some loopholes.

Tricks for amazon

I am mentioning some of the tricks i read over the internet or Quora itself and used them by myself it worked pretty well for me.

  1. Free Delivery on orders below Rs. 499: if you used amazon, then probably you already know that amazon charge extra Rs. 40 for orders below Rs. 499, So the trick to escape from this charge is, You need to buy an earphone for Rs.199. So first add some more products to make it Rs. 499 or more. When order get confirmed and dispatched, just cancel the unwanted one. They will surely deliver you for free 😛
  2. Buy from specific websites: There exists plenty of trust worthy websites other than amazon, flipkart in India which are operating exceptionally good in their particular segment. Some of such website examples are:
  • VPLAK – for all mobile, laptop and computer stuffs
  • COOLWINKS – for all kind of sunglasses, eyeglasses
  • LENSKART – for sunglasses
  • HEALTHKART – for health products

For example, last week i wanted to buy a very good pair of earphones for running, i found Sony MDR XB510AS as a very good option to me.

Sony MDR XB510AS In-Ear Extra Bass Sports Earphones With Mic: for the same product i checked price on flipkart it was Rs. 2780, on amazon it was Rs.2580 and at Vplak it was Rs.2380.

I think saving Rs. 200 on just Rs. 2000–2500, is more than just any hack.

This is not about this single product, there are a lot of products existing​ on such sites which you can get at very low prices.

Sony SRS -XB10 Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker With Bluetooth and NFCCheck the price comparison for Sony Bluetooth speaker XB10Again the price gap is 200+, so i guess this one is really awesome to know.

So my main point is, Best amazon hack is just don’t blindly trust on flipkart or amazon or Vplak or any other. Just research your product compare prices and you should buy wherever you are getting the lowest.

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