Linking these 6 documents with Aadhaar is mandatory before the deadlines

Linking these 6 documents with Aadhaar number before the deadlines

The Government of India has taken multiple efforts to ease the process of linking various documents to the Aadhaar number. Even various Government schemes and services have been linked with Aadhaar card.

So it becomes mandatory to know what all documents needs to be linked holistically and what are the deadlines of doing so.

Though the linking is for the greater good in the long run it might be tedious to run from door to door of one office to another to link the aadhaar details with the respective documents.

So it is very handy if you know about various deadlines so that you can prioritise linking process without any hassles. Listing below are various documents to be linked with their respective deadlines.

1) Aadhaar-PAN linking

The current deadline of linking is 31st Mar, 2018. Linking PAN with the aadhaar card is very simple now and can be done online as well.

2) Aadhaar-Mobile number linking

The deadline for linking mobile number/sim card with the Aadhaar number is 6th Feb, 2018. This can be done by visiting the store of your mobile service provider or through the customer service. Now you can also link through the self generating OTP process.

3) Aadhaar-Bank account linking

Linking your bank accounts to 12 digit biometric Aadhaar Card is 31st Mar, 2018 failing which the bank account will no longer be operational according to the message from the revenue department.

4) Aadhaar UAN linking

Aadhaar card is mandatory now for all the new EPF accounts and will be linked to the old accounts as well. Currently there s no deadline for the same but it is advisable to do so proactively.

5) Aadhaar Insurance policy linking

According to the guidelines of the government of India it is mandatory to link insurance policies to the Aadhaar Card before the 31st Mar, 2018.

6) Aadhaar Ration Card linking

The linking of Ration card to aadhaar card can be done online on the official Aadhaar seeding website by a simple process or can be done offline by taking photo copies of the Ration card, bank passbook, passport sized photo of the head of the family to the nearest ration office.