Will PHP die in 2018?

Actually the chances of you dying in 2018 are way higher than PHP dying. Probably, the chances of you dying before PHP dies are higher as a whole.

First, it has a massive base of users. And we’re not just talking mom and pop users, many are heavyweights.

Second, it’s thought of as a quirky language, which it indeed is. But after doing this for 30+ years, I haven’t seen a language that doesn’t have quirks. I won’t get much into the strict typing debate but there are many cases strict typing is nothing more than a un-needed PITA and writing handlers for either often involves the same amount of work.

Third, PHP is still maintained and upgraded. Yeah, the old stuff may be ugly but almost any 10 year old code won’t meet its current language standards today.

So, no, it won’t die in 2018..2019..2020 or in the foreseeable future.

Source : https://www.quora.com/Will-PHP-die-in-2018